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The GrimpDay 2013 will be held June 8, 2013. Registration procedures and organization are online. We can accommodate 36 teams. Don't forget to subscribe to the Newsletter!

 This weekend, the site of the Esplanade and Terra Nova Citadel of Namur welcomed the 2012 GRIMPDAY the international challenge of rescue ropes. A landmark day for emergency services around the world (fire, civil defense, army, police, ...).

It has existed since 2006 and was initiated by members of the regional fire department of the city of Namur. Aided by a generous weather, GRIMPDAY 2012 kept all its promises. In total, 30 teams from 12 countries that are found in the Walloon capital to participate in the 6th edition of GRIMPDAY high level. "The day went perfectly. We had participants from the four corners of Europe, with teams from Poland, Scotland through Germany, Italy, Norway or Ireland, "says Johan Demanet, one organizers GRIMPDAY.

The GRIMPDAY under the spotlight by Christophe DE BOOSE Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

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